In Partnership with the Community

Here is a brief description of some of the services we provide and the staff that we use to provide these services. Plum EMS strives to offer all levels of service and employee only the best EMT's and Paramedics to provide the residents of Plum Borough the highest calibre of Emergency Medical Services.

Advanced Life Support

Advanced life support (ALS) implies that an individual is capable of performing advanced life support skills as either an EMT-A (Advanced), EMT-I (Intermediate) or an EMT-P (Paramedic), commonly referred to simply as a paramedic or medic. The ALS provider may perform advanced procedures and skills on a patient involving invasive and non-invasive procedures. In Pennsylvania, ALS can only be provided by paramedics.


A paramedic is a medical professional, usually a member of the emergency medical services, who primarily provides pre-hospital advanced medical and trauma care. A paramedic is charged with providing emergency on-scene treatment, crisis intervention, life-saving stabilization and transport of ill or injured patients to definitive emergency medical and surgical treatment facilities, such as hospitals and trauma centers. In countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the use of the word paramedic is restricted by law, and the person claiming the title must have passed a specific set of examinations and clinical placements, and hold a valid registration (in the UK, with the Health Professions Council), certification, or license with a governing body.

Basic Life Support

Basic life support (BLS) is a level of medical care which is used for patients with life-threatening illness or injury until the patient can be given full medical care. It can be provided by trained medical personnel, including emergency medical technicians, and by laypersons who have received BLS training. BLS is generally used in the pre-hospital setting, and can be provided without medical equipment.


EMTs are trained to assess a patient's condition, and to perform such emergency medical procedures as are needed to maintain a patient's airway with adequate breathing and cardiovascular circulation until the patient can be transferred to an appropriate destination for advanced medical care. Interventions include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation with an A.E.D.

Wheel Chair Van

Plum EMS provides non-emergency wheelchair van service to doctor offices and medical facilities. Appointments should be made no later than 24 hours prior to scheduled visit. Homes with numerous steps or limited access must be made known to Plum Ems when scheduling trip. Payment can be made with Visa/Mastercard, or check upon receipt of invoice from Plum EMS. This service is typically not covered by medical insurance